Oshin Fitness is a health and fitness company that was founded by Oshin. She had a love-hate relationship with the gym and was not always consistent in her healthy eating and exercise habits, often doing the bare minimum. However, through hard work and dedication, she learned about nutrition, effective workout techniques and high-quality fitness products.

During the Covid-19 Quarantine lockdown, she started virtual workout sessions with a group of 18 women who supported each other throughout the day and night on two separate time zones. They all shared the common experience of being stuck at home with time on their hands, and Oshin was able to successfully support them in their fitness journeys and help them understand and achieve their fitness goals.

Today, Oshin Fitness provides an online platform for health and fitness, with a focus on community and support. The company's philosophy is that self-love is not selfish and aims to help people become the best version of themselves by offering products and support from their team.